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Выкуп шин скупка шин 

асширенная гарантия на шины Nokian Tyres является дополнением к стандартным гарантийным условиям. В случае непреднамеренного повреждения шины компания Nokian Tyres бесплатно отремонтирует каждую поврежденную шину, а если ремонт невозможен – заменит на новую. Условия оказания сервиса отличаются в зависимости от модели шин. 


При покупке летних шин Nokian Hakka и зимних шин Nokian Hakkapeliitta для легковых автомобилей и внедорожников с 1 января по 31 декабря 2018 года – на шины распространяется Бессрочная Расширенная гарантия. Бессрочная Расширенная гарантия действует в течение всего срока эксплуатации шин (износ протектора не более 4 мм) и дает возможность бесплатно отремонтировать или заменить шину на новую.Выкуп шин скупка шин 


В условиях Расширенной гарантии также есть модели шин, гарантия на которые действует 1 год с момента покупки. При покупке летних шин Nokian Nordman SZ, Nokian Nordman S SUV и зимних шин Nokian Nordman 7, Nokian Nordman 7 SUV, Nokian Nordman RS2, Nokian Nordman RS2 SUV по условиям Расширенной гарантии можно заменить поврежденную шину на новую с 50% скидкой.Выкуп шин скупка шин 


Расширенная гарантия Nokian Tyres действует при покупке от одной шины.


Обязательным условием предоставления Расширенной гарантии Потребителю является: наличие правильно заполненного специального Гарантийного талона на шину (или комплект шин), который Потребитель получает от Участника Расширенной гарантии в момент приобретения шин Nokian Tyres, наличие правильно оформленных первичных учетных документов , подтверждающих факт приобретения шин Потребителем.Выкуп шин скупка шин 


С конца 2018 года Nokian Tyres запускает работу программы Nokian Tyres is the world’s northernmost tyre

manufacturer. It promotes and facilitates safe

driving in demanding conditions. Whether

driving through a winter storm or heavy

summer rain, our tyres offer reliability,

performance, and peace of mind. We are the

only tyre manufacturer to focus on products

for demanding conditions and customer

requirements.Выкуп шин скупка шин 

Innovative tyres for passenger cars, trucks,

and heavy machinery are mainly marketed

in areas with snow, forests and challenging

driving conditions caused by varying seasons.

We develop our products with the goals

of sustainable safety and environmental

friendliness throughout the product’s entire life


Nokian Hakkapeliitta has been the leading

brand of winter tyres for more than 80 years.

In the Nordic countries and Russia, market and

The specialist in demanding conditions

price leadership derive from Nokian Tyres’ key

sources of competitive advantage: an image of

quality based on innovations, state-of-the-art

technology, decades of customer experience,

a strong distributor network and logistical


Central Europe and North America are also

important market areas in which we are seeking

profitable growth. We mainly sell our products

in the aftermarket. Nokian Tyres group includes

the Vianor tyre retail chain with wholesale and

retail business in Nokian Tyres’ primary markets.

Nokian Tyres has factories in Finland and Russia.

In 2005–2016, we invested more than EUR

1 billion in our factories, whose productivity and

product quality are top-notch in the industry.

In 2016, the company’s Net sales were

approximately EUR 1,4 billion, and it employed

4,400 people at the end of year. Nokian Tyres’

stock is listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki. 


Tyres differ – as do their pricesВыкуп шин скупка шин 

The passenger car tyres on the market are

divided into two or three segments by

their price depending on the market. The

manufacturers of premium or segment

A tyres emphasize the improved road

safety, comfort, environmental aspects

and overall economy of choosing higherquality products. B and C segment tyres

are manufactured for consumers who are

only looking for the lowest purchase price.

Distributors typically offer their customers

alternatives from all the price ranges.

The regional market leader in tyre

brands is usually also the price leader. The

reputation of the products, based on dozens

of years of customer experiences, and the

fluency and reliability of distribution increase

pricing power.

The season tests the functionality of the logistics

One special characteristic of Nokian Tyres’

core market is that the sales of passenger

car tyres are strongly built around two

seasons. We sell most of our summer tyres

to consumers a few weeks before and

after Easter. Consumer sales of winter tyres

peak between September and November

depending on the weather conditions:

some 30% of the winter tyres are sold in

the first 10 days after the first snowfall.

Predicting sales and production several

months in advance is a demanding task,

as tyre manufacturers typically offer at

least one thousand different combinations

of tyre models and sizes. Our extensive

distribution network and effective logistics

and information systems play a key role

during the busy peak seasons. In practice,

the seasonal nature of the operations also

forces manufacturers to offer long payment

terms for their distribution network.

Profitability is based on capacity utilization and the cost

structure of operations

Due to logistics and commercial reasons,

tyre manufacturers often establish local

factories in their most significant markets.

Payroll and energy costs vary by country

but raw material costs are generally on the

same level globally. Our most important

raw materials include natural rubber,

synthetic rubber, filler substances (such as

carbon black), cord plies and cables, and

various chemicals.Выкуп шин скупка шин 

As tyre manufacturers have high

fixed costs, profitability requires optimal

utilization of the full production capacity

while minimizing interruptions. For tyre

manufacturers, continuous improvement

of profitability through investments and

process developments is a prerequisite for


Digitalization is revolutionizing services and distribution

The increase in the share of hybrids and

electric vehicles creates demand for even

lighter and more fuel-efficient tyres.

Digitalization makes cars smarter and more

integrated with data networks; tyres and

their related services must also be able to

utilize these new opportunities.

Consumers are making more and more

purchase decisions online. The share of

online sales is increasing, but physical

sales outlets have retained their position

due to the changing service required for

the products. Pricing will become more

transparent and distributors will maintain

even smaller stocks. The structural change

at the distribution will result in fewer


An estimated 1.4 million new cars and 32 million

car and van tyres were sold in replacement market

in Russia in 2016. Tyre demand in Russia is affected,

among other things, by GDP development, which

follows the price of oil, buying power and consumer

trust. Russia was the largest contributor to sales

growth toward the end of 2016. The Russian economy

and consumer market continued to slowly stabilize.

The winter tyre season started early and continued

strongly in Russia, as well as in Central Europe, and

also the Nordic countries. We grew our market share

in our target areas, especially in Russia and Central

Europe. In Russia, consumer trust and buying power

continued to slowly improve, but still remained at low

levels. The sales of new cars in Russia continued to

decline in 2016: the entire year was down by 11%

compared with the previous year. In 2017, new car

sales are expected to grow by 5–10% compared to

2016. Deliveries to the after-sales market in Russia

declined by approximately 5% in 2016.

Nokian Tyres is the market leader and largest

manufacturer of segment A and B tyres in Russia.

Nokian Tyres has an extensive distribution network

in Russia, and the location of our factory behind

Russian tariff borders, the strength of our brands,

and the distribution network provide the Company

with a substantial competitive advantage.

Safety – go home healthy every day

We are carrying out long-term work in order to

further develop our safety culture. In 2016, we

achieved good results in occupational safety

and took positive leaps forward in many

areas of safety. For example, the number

of accidents fell by 26% and the reporting

of near misses and safety observations

improved. The use of personal protective

equipment was also emphasized further,

and special attention was paid to the safety

of production equipment. We are continuing

our work toward improving a holistic safety

culture by increasing training, communication,

and the development of working practices.

In the long term, we are aiming at zero


Management – good supervisor work is key

In 2016, we introduced the principles of

leadership to supervisors in all our units with

the Hakkapeliitta Leader game we developed.

Developing the company’s leadership culture

on the basis of our strong Hakkapeliitta culture

guides our personnel development and

training as well as performance management

and recruiting. We also applied the leadership

principles in the 360 survey. Our aim is an

internationally unified leadership culture that

supports the objectives of profitable growth

and improves personnel well-being.Выкуп шин скупка шин 

Employee well-being – an individual and shared experience

We listen to our personnel and identify areas

for improvement in employee well-being as

well as other aspects with the annual Drive!

personnel survey, whose main goal is to

improve the commitment of our personnel. The

survey concept is built around engagement,

which indicates the employees’ attitude

toward our organization and the values it

represents. It also incorporates our leadership

principles because supervisor work and the

way we lead people have a significant role in

improving well-being at work.

With a nearly 90% response rate in 2016, our

Drive! personnel survey gives a comprehensive

overview of the positive things and

development needs in our individual units as

well as the group as a whole. In our group-level

action plan, one common denominator was

internationalization – enabling truly consistent

operations in various aspects. In addition, each

unit prepares its own action plan that aims at

comprehensively improving operations.

We want to improve employee well-being

at our different units and support personnel

development by using internal job rotation,

on-the-job learning and training solutions. 

For truck tyres, the past year was challenging due to the

difficult market situation. Nokian Heavy Tyres reacted to

the market challenge by means of a marketing renewal

where a purposeful marketing concept with a fresh point

of view was created across the entire truck tyre range.

For agricultural tyres, the challenges were even more

formidable in 2016, since the whole agricultural market

suffered decreasing demand and the pricing environment

was really challenging.

Nokian Heavy Tyres continued investing in product

development. In January 2017, four new CT tyres were

introduced. Nokian CT tyres are specifically designed for

heavy agricultural and earth-moving work.

Agricultural tyres from Nokian Heavy Tyres are among

the highest-quality and most appreciated tyres in the


New areasВыкуп шин скупка шин 

Distribution network development continued in 2016 with

high focus on Central European areas, especially Germany

and France. Europe is area of high sales potential, and it

is also seeing major changes. Operational changes were

also made in the Iberian peninsula and Balkan countries.

One highlight of the year was Nokian Heavy Tyres’ new

distributor in Australia that boosted sales significantly in

the area.

In the Nordic countries, sales have remained stable

except for the challenges on the truck tyres side. In North

America, however, the development has been excellent,

and this market in particular has been very successful in

the forestry produУ большинства автомобилистов на балконе, в гараже или на даче лежат шины БУ, оставшиеся от прошлых автомобилей и ждущие своего часа. Выкуп шин Часто мы уверены, что Б/У шина с нынешней машины обязательно подойдет и к следующей. На деле же - очень редко шины для Вашей новой машины подходят от предыдущей.


У Вас лежат Б У шины или новые шины, которые Вы не используете, а еще и занимают слишком много места? Мы предлагаем Вам выкуп шин.


Мы выкупаем: БУ и новые шины, летние и зимние шины, годные к эксплуатации в любом количестве (в том числе оптом) и состоянии.


Комплектность/парность – шины в парном количестве стоят дороже, чем одиночки;

Износ – шины с небольшим износом мы выкупаем дорого;

Равномерность износа – шины с равномерным износом с отсутствием проплешин, мы выкупаем дороже;

Возраст – чем моложе шина, тем дороже она стоит;

Бренд – известные иностранные бренды выкупаются дороже, чем отечественные и неизвестные;

Размерность – популярные размеры выкупаются дороже;

Остаточное количество шипов – чем больше шипов осталось в шипованной шине, тем цена выше.Выкуп шин скупка шин 


Мы не выкупаем шины (или выкупаем по цене существенно ниже):


Не годные к эксплуатации: грыжи, боковые порезы, количество проколов со стороны протектора – более 5;

Шины со следами ремонта: ремонт грыж, боковых порезов, количество ремонтов проколов со стороны протектора – более 5;

С неравномерным износом: по всему протектору, скосы, проплешены, локальные потертости;

Шины старше 7 лет;

Индикатор практически достигнут - глубина протектора менее 2 мм.


Для простоты оценки степени износа мы оцениваем шины по пробегу сренденестатистического автомобиля. Предполагается, что за один сезон автомобиль (и следовательно шины) пробегают 12500 км.


Если в реальности пробег ваших шин больше или меньше нашей оценки, измените данный параметр в соответствии с приведенной ниже информацией:Мы с полной уверенностью ответим на этот вопрос: «Да!». Мы не будем стремиться сделать покупку, максимально выгодную для себя. Окончательная стоимость будет предложена действительно реальная, и зависеть она будет только от состояния резины, а не от субъективного фактора со стороны экспертов и оценщиков. Для нас выкуп колес – это, прежде всего, забота о клиенте! Для осуществления сделки вам нужно будет только связаться с нами любым удобным способом и указать основные характеристики товара. После обсуждения всех нюансов вы можете самостоятельно привезти покрышки в наш офис или подождать нашего сотрудника дома.


Какие колеса мы, скорее всего, не купим?


1. С износом более 50%.Выкуп шин скупка шин 

2. С неровной формой и серьезными повреждениями.

3. С наличием таких деформаций, как грыжи, значительные проколы, боковые порезы.

4. С глубиной протектора менее 2 мм.

5. Со следами серьезного ремонта.


Вся процедура, которая носит название «выкуп шин», займет не более 10 минут, и предоставляем мы свои услуги в любое время года. За время нашей работы в данном сегменте автомобильного рынка к нам успели обратиться многочисленные автовладельцы, причем не только частные лица, но и представители предприятий, организаций, автопарков. Не упустите свой шанс и Вы!


Выкуп шин скупка шин 

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